Children's Emotion Specialist
Children's Emotion Specialist
Nurturing emotional intelligence

Child session

Each one to one child session runs for 45 to 60-minutes on Zoom. Designed for children aged 6 to 16, children experience personalised emotion coaching from the convenience of your own home. 

What your child will receive:

  • The opportunity to express and make sense of their feelings with our emotion specialist.

  • Engaging in self expression and exploring their thoughts through art, helping to process their emotions in enjoyable ways (see Noodle Doodles below). 
  • Tools to manage their emotions and effective techniques to handle anxiety, anger and enhance their social-emotional regulation skills. 
  • Comprehensive support for parents with detailed follow-up voice message or email, outlining key takeaways and additional tips to further support your child's journey towards feeling better.

Give your child the tools and support to navigate their emotions. 
£70 per session.

    Parent session

    A parent session is a one to one 60 minute Zoom meeting for you and your partner or an individual parent to experience personalised emotion coaching from the convenience of your own home. 

    What you will receive:

    • Personalised answers to your specific parenting questions by our emotion specialist. Taking into account your family's dynamics, challenges and needs.
    • Strategies on how to guide your child's feelings. Learn effective tools and techniques to confidently support your child's feelings. 
    • Insights into practical approaches for emotion coaching and actionable steps you can apply with your child. 
    • Post-session support with a detailed summary of key takeaways, offering additional guidance to achieve a more harmonious dynamic personalised to you and your family.

    Enhance your parenting skills with this personalised support. 
    £92 per session.
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    Noodle Doodles

    Mina created 'Noodle Doodles'  to encourage children to express their feelings in emotion coaching sessions. These doodles can serve as a nonverbal way for children to express what they're feeling inside.

    Happy go lucky - 


    Capturing curiosity - (G,7)

    My family - (G,6)

    Frustrated and furious - 


    Blue sapphire feelings - (G,7)

    Mischief ninja - (G,8)

    Focus - (G,9)

    Fabulous me! - (G,6)